Thursday, 14 August 2014

Club Penguin Times #460

Heyaaa...! Whats up?
If you noticed, Club penguin updated the newspaper. Its 460th issue of Club Penguin Times.
Theres a message by Aunt Arctic. The topic is "FROZEN SUMMER PARTY"

When clicked on "Read More" , this continued message appears :~

The second article is "EXPLORE THE FOREST" and is written by Rookie. He founds some big claws.. maybe its Herbert.. :O Have a look what he said :~

Now, the last article of Page 1, UPCOMING EVENTS :~

As you can see, theres a gift for everyone which will be available from august 21, 2014. The free item is "Ice Palace Igloo" and on august 21, the Frozen Summer party is going to start. anddd Elsa will be performing on 28th of august on the frozen island *too cold*. I think she will be performing wearing sweaters and jackets.  The next pin will be available from 21 august to September 3rd.
Lets see what gonna happen. So, what you think about this? Dont forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below! :)
Waddle on!


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