Thursday, 7 August 2014

Club Penguin Spoilers and Rumors: August 2014

Hi Penguins!
This post is soooooo exclusive. We got some spoilers for you. Click on Read More for the rest of the info!

Okay, so. First of all, as you know, in the Featured Story in Club Penguin Times #459 there's a button "Declassified".
When we click on it... Herbert's case file.
Have you checked Last Sighted part? Being carried by puffles! Last year he hypnotized the puffles and made them to dig for coins! As you see from Featured Story, there's the Puffle Brain Box, which means Herbert does the same plan! Klutzy searches for him, interesting...
Okay, from the same newspaper, if you checked the comic... Check squares 3 and 4. Probably 3. Why probaby? Because there's the rumour for CJ Shadow!
Yeah, CJ Cheese may be possible too, but not. Okay, have you noticed the Sled Racer app banner? And have you noticed the Sven puffle?
I know the following thanks to Penguinn2cp. The images belong to him. Okay, the Sasquatch from my post is going to be a real mascot, not a transformation! His name is ????? still, but it may appear REALLY soon. Well, Protobot should appear, he still has an ID, but seems CP will release it later this year. The Sasquatch got a gift background as every mascot, but the background is called "Mystery Background".

 Elsa may be a robot because her clothes are added in the Penguin Style catalog. Here what will be her gift when we click her:
And last, but not least, in the ClubPenguin.php file there are added some new lines of code. Excited to see them? Okay!
Do you see? We can get outfits likes and we can save them, only if we are members. What do you think? Exclusive rumours, right? Comment!


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