Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Club Penguin Magazine Issue #34

Hi Pengs!
Suppy-duppy? Today, I can say, that I have surprise for our Brazilian, Argentinian, Portuguese, Mexican, Irlandian and British friends - the new issue of the CP Mag! Click on "Read More" to continue reading.

Here is the cover:
 Thanks to Trainman1405 for the image. Hmmm, it's agent themed, and as we see these days, there are much problems here in the EPF, but what's that? It's so odd! The next party is Class of 2014, but agent... I don't know why. Here's what the Mag contains.
  1. Frozen Party
  2. The Really Wise Words of Sensei
  3. C.P.T.V.
  4. Fashion 4 U: Disguises
  5. Party Time on Mobile!
  6. Comic: Shipwrecked
  7. Cadence’s Catwalk: High School
  8. EPF Case Files
  9. G’s Agent Training
  10. EPF Files: Dot the Disguise Gal
  11. Competition: Elite Puffle Power
  12. Cool Cribs
  13. Posters
  14. Jet Pack Guy Flying School
  15. Gary’s Experiments: Volcano Explosion
  16. Elite Puffle Academy
  17. Comic: Caution: Hot!
  18. Agent G Mail
  19. VIP: Pengy18809
  20. Next issue… Class of 2014! It comes with a code to unlock free High School furniture items (globe, classroom chair, and a classroom desk) as well as a Puffle stationery set and a codes to unlock a total of 1,500 coins. Issue 35 will go on sale September 18th.
 Here's the last page, awesome, it sneak peeks the next partyyyyyyyy!!!
Wooooot! Any thoughts? Comment!


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