Thursday, 7 August 2014

Club Penguin August 2014 Membership Benefits

Hi Pengs!
How are you today? I am perfect, because it's Thursday and it's time to post in my favourite blog! Click on "Read More" to check out some awesome sneak peeks!

Okay, so Club Penguin renewed their Membership page. Here what will be upcoming this month for members:
  • Shop for Frozen Costumes Disney's Frozen inspired costumes are available for members.
  • Get a Snowman Puffle Members can get a RARE snowman puffle only during the Frozen Party.
  • Transform From August 21 until September 4 members can TRANSFORM into Olaf The Snowman and/or Marshmallow.
Huh! Some of you may say, everything cool is for members. Not so true, but it's not false. Don't worry, this month I will make membership contest on worth 2 months! First and Second place will win 1 month of membership! Hope non-members will win because I think that this party will be EPIC! Share your thoughts via comments!


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