Friday, 4 July 2014

Stage : Costume Trunk

Hello friends! Hows you guys doing? 
Recently, Club Penguin Team updated the new stage with new catalog. :O It's too long. (contains all plays's items :O, does that mean that Costume Trunk closes or there will be new plays?)
To check this Catalog,
1~ Login to Club Penguin.
2~ Go to any server.
3~ Go to Plaza.
4~ Go in Stage.
5~ Waddle to Costume Trunk or click on the Catalog in the right corner of screen.

You will find one Secret (Hidden) Item on this page.

Hers the another Hidden item.

Another one (hidden item).

Another Hidden item.

Tired? Huh. Well, I am also tired after seeing this catalog. What item you liked tmost? I liked the "Zebra Cave Toga". Dont feel shy to make comment and tell us your favourite item from this catalog. :)


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