Thursday, 17 July 2014

SoundStudio replaces DJ3K

Lalalalala Dare you... Oh, hi!
Hehehe, I am listening to Shakira's new song "Dare (La La La)", which is made by me in Club Penguin. But how? DJ3K sucks, doesn't it? Well, not anymore. SoundStudio is hereeeeeeeeeeee!
You can check SoundStudio from Dance Club.
Click on make music - and we are starting! Click on the loops, only one loop per column is working at one moment. You can click on all five columns  - the music is going to be better. With some effects, you may make it bad, but if you hear the rhythm, there's nothing to worry about. The sound line, near the Rockhopper's face is a good efect, also good is the popular drum sound, used everywhere, again in the same line with the Rockhopper's face. Herbert's haha is good sometimes, but not everywhere. The best is the Dubstep Puffles sounds - they are very good. As you noticed, in the left there are different genres - Pop, Dance, Rock, Dubstep and etc. Choose one and start mixing! As you noticed, the DJ3K's records are REMOVED and they won't come back, so they are RARE items since today like the Beta Shirt and Beta Hat - they won't be available for purchasing in Club Penguin.
The SoundStudio interface.

Oookay... We continue with the member part.  You can record your music - and save it. Click on "Record", a small countdown will start and then PRESS one button (the one you choosed). The maximum length of your music is 3:00, so decide carefully what it will contain. Done with your music? Play it on the Dance Club! Now it's your chance - everyone to hear it in the Dance Club and everywhere where is a SoundStudio booth. After the party there will be only one, but now on the boat they are everywhere - even on the performing place.
The people can like your music and you can be in playlist. Awesome, isn't it?
And last, but not least, if you go to your igloo and open music... There are saved all DJ3K mixes, along with your SoundStudio! Now there are more music fields, so means you can save more music!

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