Thursday, 10 July 2014

Reminder: Our membership contest!

Hi Pengs!
Sup? Well, there is nearly half a hour 'till our membership contest! We are going to remind you what you should do.
Right in 10:00 am PST today there will be a post with sentence about Club Penguin, which you should COPY (not with copy and paste, it's going to be an image) in a comment in that post. The first person, who writes the sentence right, with no mistakes, wins the code.

NOTICE:  While writing your comment, you should add your email after the sentence (or another active contact profile (we need it to send the code) like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And here are the prizes:
  1. Place: 1 Month Membership, paid via debit card by me (CpthebestCP)
  2. Place: 7 Day Membership Code.
Okay, here's the countdown!


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