Monday, 14 July 2014

New Code

Hey guys! Whats up?
First of all, Congratulations to both the winners of Membership Contest on 10th July. :)
Recently, Club Penguin team launched a new item code. It's very good item.
The code is - " FILMFEST ". It unlocks the Fairy Wings of Pink colour.
You can unlock the item on CP by following these steps :
1~ Login into CP.
2~ Click "Unlock Items Online" icon on the right upward corner (before selecting the server).
3~ Put the code - " FILMFEST " in the given space.
4~ Click " Next " button under there.

 5~ Congratulations! You got the item :)

You will find this item in your inventory. So, What do you think about this new code? aaaand Don't forget to leave comment about your excitement for the upcoming party - Music Jam.
Waddle on and Stay blessed and Stay tuned for more codes and contests! ;)


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