Thursday, 17 July 2014

Music to the end: Music Jam 2014

Puuuf - a puffle - puuf - a dance... Hi Penguins!
YAYAYAYAY! Music Jam 2014 is here! After two years of delay, we can be musical penguins again! Last year, me and some friends made Music to the end: Ultimate Jam 2013 in Pingueoin7, but that site is now dead. Our party had stamps and special decorated rooms by us, but iOutBox came and hacked our CPPS. Anyway, it last 1 week. Aaaah... Memories... Okay, let's concentrate on the current party.We have new exciting login screen, advertising SoundStudio.

 When you login, the Club Penguin Play Home is updated, too.
Now Cadence will appear. Click OK. Actually, this year there aren't so many games, but Music Jam never had. We have item quests and performances, so we can obtain some items from the stars.
We are in the Music Boat. That is the main room, where you can enter from The Dock. When you use the elevator with the arrow up (in the middle of the room), you can reach the performance room, where the stars are performing every five minutes. Using the ladder down, in the left down corner of the room, you can reach the Ship's Hold. In the right down corner, using the door, you can enter the buffet and take some food. There's a SoundStudio booth, too.
The Ship's Hold.
Back in the main boat room, let's go up with the elevator. There are performing the singers, awesome!

You can get from them special background and get G Billy, Petey K, Stompin' Bob, Franky and Cadence's stamps.  Tomorrow (July 18th) there are some items to get, so stay tuned here. You can check your quests from the up corner, near the Moderator badge.
As you can see, CP added morning, evening, dawn and sunset. They are temporary and being changed every five minutes.
The other thing - map update. You can check all the boat's seven rooms using the map and you can switch to the regular CP map.
Explore the boat, and we are continuing.  Here are all quests:
As you can see, there is a shortcut to SoundStudio.  While I was screenshotting this in CP, I just reached the last seconds of the countdown performance. Here is a picture of Penguin Band and Cadence performing:
We are at the end! Last, some Club Penguin Rooms like Dock and Town are very similar to their look during Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, which was celebrated last August.

What do you think? Is the party YAY or NAY for you? Have fun and don't forget to share with us some thinkings :)


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