Monday, 21 July 2014

Music Jam Perform #3 - Cole Plante

It's time for the third Music Jam Performance - Cole Plante's.
Cole Plante comes on every 6 minutes. SO EXCITED!!!!!

Let's wait until Cole comes...
2:07 minutes later...
COLE IS HERE! YAAYAYAYAYAY! I predict that he'll perform his remix of "Gotta Have a Wingman", as I said in my post for Violetta. YES! ON THE PANEL WITH CURRENT PERFORMING HIS NAME IS ON!
Ready... Set... Dum dum dum diu! He masters the DJ's decks!

And when we click him... A BACKGROUND, SO AWESOME!
And now Cole goes off...
And now... A meme of my feelings (and CP's) while I watched his performance.

Share with us what do you think...I am depressed :D



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