Friday, 11 July 2014

Interview with Spike Hike

Interview info provided by, a Bulgarian website. Thanks, Penguinn2cp!

Q: Can we test #ProjectSuperSecret before it actually releases?
A: We're hoping to get a blog up for #ProjectSuperSecret soon. Its not about CP though but it will be connected to and enhance CP.

Q: Will the non-member section in the Penguin Style ever update again?
A:  Werefresh non-member items on a less regular basis than member items. But I'm sure we will have something new soon. We also have new non-member items in every party.

Q: When will the Club Penguin app release for the Android phones?
A:  We're hoping to get CP on Android out before Christmas.. We just had a little breakthrough the other day. Really excited about this! 

Q: When will the quest section ever update again?
A: We are writing an all-new quest system for mobile that will let us make quests a lot more easily and it should be coming in our release of the mobile app in August. We need to get our first few quests under our belt and then we want to start writing everyday quests. Unlikely that we will be able to do this on the web though until CPNext takes over from current CP completely.

Q: What will you guys do about hacking Club Penguin items and/or using 3rd party programs?
A: We take hacking very seriously. We have bug fixes in place to close the exploits these hackers were using and we will perma ban the culprits.

Q:Is there going to be a Frozen Party this year?
A:I cannot confirm nor deny possible plans for a Frozen party. :-) I will say its the most frequent party request we get.

Q: There are rumours spreading about Card-Jitsu Shadow, when are you guys planning to release it?
A: CJ Shadow sadly is not soon. We have an amazing plan for it. But before we get there, we need to do a major reboot of the technology. The good news is that we have some really exciting ideas for a long term plan for CJ – including Shadow – that I think are really exciting and you guys will love.

Q: Will there be again April Fools party?
A:We stopped doing the April Fools party because it was one of the least attended parties every year. With the new party system we are building for mobile, it might be easier for us to bring this back. Puffle Party has really become our Easter event every year. 
Q: Will there be Adventure Party?
A: I'm sure that there will be Adventure Party one day.

Q: Will there be unlimited friends list on #ProjectSuperSecret?
A: Yes, but that's not #ProjectSuperSecret at all.


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