Sunday, 27 July 2014

Club Penguin Times #457

Hi penguin friends!
I got Wi-Fi on the camp (we are camping in a bungalow and the neighbors got a router because they live there). I will be back on 3-4th August and I've planned something major for our site. Okay, anyway. The new issue of Club Penguin Times is here since this Thursday. In the Featured Story section, Penguin Band tells us a way to write a song hit.

In Supported Story, we have an interview with Zendaya, from which we can learn more about the superstar like that favourite emote when she is performing is... None! She wants the fans to dance, so they can bust a move for her song.
And at last, we have a Bonus Story - an interview again with Cole Plante, the 17 year old DJ.
And what's next? The Upcoming Events, of course! Upcoming Events:
ON NOW! Music Jam 2014
July 29 The Music Cruise Departs
July 31 The end of Music Jam 2014
July 31 - August 7 Turbo Race 3000 to be placed in the Stadium
August 7 Penguin Style July 2014
August 7 New Pin
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