Thursday, 17 July 2014

Club Penguin Times #456

Hello Everybody!
How are you today? Well, I am in a perfect mood - da most epic eva Music Jam is here! (Wow, so epic! Your first chore to do after Cadence  welcomes you is to check da new issue of our newspaper, but we'll show it here, so you can get the full experience of the party. The Featured Story is about the Penguin Band and Cadence rocking their debut "Best Day Ever".
 Yipeeee! This time in Supported Story we can learn about Sabrina Carpenter - and there's a bit new info than the video, like her favourite emoticon is wink.
The wink face.

This time, we have Bonus Story - an Interview with Violetta - the Spanish serial from Disney Channel (I don't watch it.) This time she talks in all Club Penguin Languages, which is better than only Spanish. Again, this time, we don't have comic. :(
Aaaaaand - Upcoming Eeeeeveeeeents!
  • ON NOW! Music Jam 2014
  • JULY 19 Violetta will perform her hit song "Hoy Somos Mas" on the music boat.
  • JULY 21 Cole Plante is going to perform
  • JULY 23 Sabrina Carpenter will perform "Can't Blame a Girl for Trying"
  • JULY 23 New pin
  • JULY 25 Zendaya will sing "Replay"
Dat awesum thingy! I am addicted in talking in chat language, just like Cadence. NO, NO, NO I HAVE MANIA ABOUT MUSIC JAM!!!! DAT IS BETAR TEN DA MUSIC JAM 2012 (we had some items with special moves, huh :/) and as 2 years ago, we have performing Cadence and Penguin Band. Whaaat do you think? Is that your first Music Jam? Share with us with some comments :)


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