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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Turbo Race 3000

Heyaaaa! Hows going?
Club Penguin reconstructed the Stadium for a game called " Turbo Race 3000 " In this, we have to first go to the finish line and then have to complete 3 laps. There are 2 free items also. One is Helmet which is available for Members and Non-Member *yeah.. you read it right* and other is jacket which is only for Members. Lets see the picture :~

So, Do you like it? Dont forget to share your views with us. :)
Waddle on!

EPF Messages : Gary

Hey guys! Whats up? Everything ok?
Club penguin updated the new EPF Message. This time the sender is Gary the Gadget guy. As you may know, Frozen Takeover party coming on 21st August, this message is related to Turbo Race 3000 *a new mini game*. Lets read whats he said :~
Some minor setbacks have occured with the Racer 3000s. Don't mind the explosions. Everything is on track for next week!
Well, What do you think about this new EPF message? Dont forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below. :)
Waddle on!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!


Hi Penguins!
In nearly 12 hours, Club Penguin is going to update! These things will go LIVE! tonight:
  • Club Penguin Times #458
  • Music Jam 2014 will be gone forever, waiting for Music Jam 2015
  • Turbo Race 3000 at Stadium
  • Possibly something else
Also, Ashishcool191 will update our header, due I don't have Photoshop on my phone. Thanks again, Ash!

Sketch Book left CP Yesterday

Hi Pengs!
I hope you are in a mood for bad news. The CP Mod, Sketch Book has left CP yesterday. He is not so known moderator, he even had a meet-up. Sorry for posting that late, the news came while I was on rafting near the camp yesterday. Anyway, let's tell "bye" to him. :(


Club Penguin Log-in and Log-off screen updated!

Hey there guys!Its Bluey656 here and I just saw that the login and log-off screen have been updated on cp.And in their screens they have put the ad of the upcoming Frozen Party/Takeover which is starting from August 21 and they have mentioned that we could get a free Ice Palace igloo.In my opinion,this party is going to be awesome and it has been confirmed that there will also be a Olaf Puffle!.So lets have a look at the screens.

Here is the Login screen :-

Here is the log-off screen :-

Monday, 28 July 2014

My Penguin v1.5 soon in App Store for iOS

Hello everybody!
I have something not so exclusive like the previous posts, but it's probably a revolution and major update in the My Penguin app's history. For the first time ever, a party will be celebrated in mobile! Also, the quests for the new penguins will be added into the quest section in the map, so they can get the items from mobile. While I was waddling around in the CP SWFs, I found the quest prompt.


We will be notified daily for the new items. Okay, here what's it going to happen in mobile in My Penguin 1.5 during the party. Some rooms will be changed to Frozen's theme.

The Beach:


The Dock:


The Town:


The Plaza:


The Snow Forts (notice the collectible snowflake for the quest):


The Forest with the Wandering Oaken's Trading Post:


The Cove:


Thanks to Trainman1405 for the images.
That would be great party. No worries that the Cove is like a beach - the party is also Summer Party. So, any thoughts? Comment!

Two new Club Penguin Apps for iOS

How are you today? Can't wait for the new apps! Oh, I am stupid. I told you before the surprise.


Two new apps are coming to Club Penguin Community in August! We knew from Polo Field that there is coming one app - a new version of My Penguin, but that's different. Here is an image of the icons of one of the two games - Puffle Wild and Sled Race.


Will they connect to Club Penguin and we will transfer coins? Will Puffle Wild be the new mini game in CP? Only the time will show. I am upset because the apps aren't for Android. Eveyrhing for iOS :( . Okay, share your thoughts via comments (swearing is allowed only in this post). Waddle On!

Club Penguin Codes - July 2014: 1,500 coins

Hi Penguins!
How's it going? Today we have something exclusive for you - new codes for coins! So if you are running out of them, you can get some. One of our staff bought the CP Mag and told us. The codes are:


What do you think? Comment!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Turbo Race 3000 - Sneak Peeks

Hi everyone!
How's it going? I decided to post something exclusive - a sneak peeks of Turbo Race 3000. They were saw in the newest issue of the CP Mag and of Club Penguin Times. However, we can't access the SWF file in the CP database, they locked it. Here are the pictures:



It's early for something else, the Club Penguin Team don't want to tell something more. Share your thoughts :)

Club Penguin Times #457

Hi penguin friends!
I got Wi-Fi on the camp (we are camping in a bungalow and the neighbors got a router because they live there). I will be back on 3-4th August and I've planned something major for our site. Okay, anyway. The new issue of Club Penguin Times is here since this Thursday. In the Featured Story section, Penguin Band tells us a way to write a song hit.

In Supported Story, we have an interview with Zendaya, from which we can learn more about the superstar like that favourite emote when she is performing is... None! She wants the fans to dance, so they can bust a move for her song.
And at last, we have a Bonus Story - an interview again with Cole Plante, the 17 year old DJ.
And what's next? The Upcoming Events, of course! Upcoming Events:
ON NOW! Music Jam 2014
July 29 The Music Cruise Departs
July 31 The end of Music Jam 2014
July 31 - August 7 Turbo Race 3000 to be placed in the Stadium
August 7 Penguin Style July 2014
August 7 New Pin
What do you think? Comment :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

The appearances of #CPNext starting to appear - Exclusive Post

Hey guys,Its Bluey656 here and today I have a BREAKING NEWS.The #CPNext has started appearing a little bit suddenly.If you go to and click on Create A Penguin,you will see a new interface.It was released today and this may signify that more of #CPNext will be appearing on CP.Here's what the new interface looks like.

The new interface of Create a penguin looks awesome! What do you think about this and #CPNext ? Let us know in the comments below.

Till then,

Waddle On!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Performances #4 and #5 - Sabrina Carpenter and Zendaya

Hello everybody!
This is my last post before I leave for my holiday, so I've decided to post something exclusive.  Here's how Sabrina Carpenter will perform on 23rd July.

And when we click her, we'll receive her background.

 And now - Zendaya will perform on 25th July. Here's how she'll perform:

And again, when we click her, we'll receive a background:
These are the exclusive sneak peeks. Waddle On :)

Disney Game On - Sabrina Carpenter on Music Jam

Hi Penguins!
Since the end of the last week, on the UK, US and Canada (also some other countries) there's a Game On Commercial about Sabrina Carpenter. Here we can learn more about her.

Share your thoughts :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

CpthebestCP temporarily retires from The NCPC!

Hello everybody :(
Maybe the title of this post is scaring for the biggest part of you, that includes me. Maybe  "Temporary Retirement" gives you a hope that I will be back in a one or two years. Nothing about this. I am going away from The NCPC for two weeks - with no internet or laptop, only with my phone. It's due me and my parents are going to camping holiday. But don't worry - I am leaving on 23th July until 6th August.


  • Server Frozen
  • Room - The Town (as known as Town Center)
 It will be my last moment with you all and we'll be waddling around until 01:30. In 2:00AM PST we are leaving. OH, I almost forgot - Our author, Penguindu01, the English and French blogger is now Owner of The NCPC with CpthebestCP (Me) and Ashish Garg (Bunny Boy19).

Here what the staff roles will be until I am back:

  • My Posting Deputies -  Bunny Boy19 and Penguindu01
  • My Designer Deputy - Bunny Boy19
Other roles are the same. Please staff, post - and we'll see again when I am back.

For all people a little hope - My 3G may be activated by my Operator Service, so I may post from my phone (again, I say if my 3G gets activated).

Waddle On!
P.S. If there's no new posts or this post is not deleted until 10th August, means something bad happened with me. I pray nothing to happen. A BIG HOPE.

Music Jam Perform #3 - Cole Plante

It's time for the third Music Jam Performance - Cole Plante's.
Cole Plante comes on every 6 minutes. SO EXCITED!!!!!

Let's wait until Cole comes...
2:07 minutes later...
COLE IS HERE! YAAYAYAYAYAY! I predict that he'll perform his remix of "Gotta Have a Wingman", as I said in my post for Violetta. YES! ON THE PANEL WITH CURRENT PERFORMING HIS NAME IS ON!
Ready... Set... Dum dum dum diu! He masters the DJ's decks!

And when we click him... A BACKGROUND, SO AWESOME!
And now Cole goes off...
And now... A meme of my feelings (and CP's) while I watched his performance.

Share with us what do you think...I am depressed :D


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Cole Plante - Gotta Have A Wingman (Remix) - Video

Hello everybody!
Club Penguin have just uploaded a video of Cole Plante's - Gotta Have A Wingman - Music Remix. And guess who made the video? Johnny Jansen, as known as Businessmoose, who left Club Penguin in April 2013, who was replaced by Ninja. Watch the video and if you want to hear the sound, please pause the music player.

The video is a bit stupid, only puffles and I thought there will be penguins and some action like the official "Gotta Have A Wingman" video.  But your thoughts are most important - share with us via comment!

Perform #2 - Violetta

Perform Number 2 is here! Today, the Spanish Actress from her name's Spanish serial is  performing her song on Club Penguin "Hoy Somos Mas". Here is a picture of the fascia, showing that she'll perform after Cadence and Penguin Band. I've forgot to tell you that she's singing solo.

She comes 3 minutes after Cadence finishes "Best Day Ever". 

Here's how she is performing:
And she gives giveaway when you click her.
Cool, huh. Next performing star will be Cole Plante maybe with his "Puffle Party Remix' on Monday. What do you think? Is Violetta your favourite singer like most of the girls? Vote on the poll and share your thoughts with comments :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cadence & Penguin Band Performance!

Hey Penguins! Music Jam is going on and now's your time to catch performances on deck! Currently performing now is Cadence and Penguin Band performing their new song Best Day Ever! Don't miss their performances!

Music to the end: Music Jam 2014

Puuuf - a puffle - puuf - a dance... Hi Penguins!
YAYAYAYAY! Music Jam 2014 is here! After two years of delay, we can be musical penguins again! Last year, me and some friends made Music to the end: Ultimate Jam 2013 in Pingueoin7, but that site is now dead. Our party had stamps and special decorated rooms by us, but iOutBox came and hacked our CPPS. Anyway, it last 1 week. Aaaah... Memories... Okay, let's concentrate on the current party.We have new exciting login screen, advertising SoundStudio.

 When you login, the Club Penguin Play Home is updated, too.
Now Cadence will appear. Click OK. Actually, this year there aren't so many games, but Music Jam never had. We have item quests and performances, so we can obtain some items from the stars.
We are in the Music Boat. That is the main room, where you can enter from The Dock. When you use the elevator with the arrow up (in the middle of the room), you can reach the performance room, where the stars are performing every five minutes. Using the ladder down, in the left down corner of the room, you can reach the Ship's Hold. In the right down corner, using the door, you can enter the buffet and take some food. There's a SoundStudio booth, too.
The Ship's Hold.
Back in the main boat room, let's go up with the elevator. There are performing the singers, awesome!

You can get from them special background and get G Billy, Petey K, Stompin' Bob, Franky and Cadence's stamps.  Tomorrow (July 18th) there are some items to get, so stay tuned here. You can check your quests from the up corner, near the Moderator badge.
As you can see, CP added morning, evening, dawn and sunset. They are temporary and being changed every five minutes.
The other thing - map update. You can check all the boat's seven rooms using the map and you can switch to the regular CP map.
Explore the boat, and we are continuing.  Here are all quests:
As you can see, there is a shortcut to SoundStudio.  While I was screenshotting this in CP, I just reached the last seconds of the countdown performance. Here is a picture of Penguin Band and Cadence performing:
We are at the end! Last, some Club Penguin Rooms like Dock and Town are very similar to their look during Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, which was celebrated last August.

What do you think? Is the party YAY or NAY for you? Have fun and don't forget to share with us some thinkings :)