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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hiring NCPC Authors!

Hiya There!
What's up penguins? I want to announce you that we are hiring new NCPC authors  'till we open our site officially. If you want to be part of us, just choose Comments below and write a new comment with the including information:

Your Name:*

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Please, fill the mandatory fields (*), or we won't count your submission. We will think on your request and we will send you an email when we accept you.
Your pal,

The NCPC First Contest - Soon after we open

Hiya Penguins!
What's up? Well, today I've received a 7 day Club Penguin Membership Code on my email where is registered my penguin CPBGBloggy4. I am already member on my account Cpthebest, so I've decided to make a contest here after we open. Here is the email:
Stay tuned when we are going to open and when the contest will be!
Your pal,

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Newest CP Cheats - A New Generation of Club Penguin English Website

Hello there, penguin friends!
It's the Founder of the website, Cpthebest! I am glad to say that me and the the first founder of The NCPC - Ashishcool191 are opening a new Club Penguin website! We were far away from the English Club Penguin blogging for several months, and, my first and last CP English Blogging was at Pingueoin7 last summer. Here we will provide you everything - cheats, secrets (and how about trackers and mobile app ^.^ ?) and very beautiful designs. Hopefully, I'll have time to open a graphics shop, too! Well, we will close again for your eyes our blog when we are going to finish the design, which will be probably last (that may take some hours, hopefully not days!). Now have fun --- aaand Waddle On!