Monday, 9 January 2017

How to make money online (In India)?

Today, I am here to tell you a simplest and fastest way to earn money online by working for one hour daily.
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There are so many websites who provide you a working platform and pays you money when you click ads for them. Yes, you can earn just by clicking ads. One of these sites is 'Social Trade'.

Website Link :
Parent Company : Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited
Status : Paying (Working)
Payment process : INR Bank Transfer on daily, weekly and monthly basis
Refund Policy : 10 days
Minimum Investment : Rs.5750
Sponser Id : 61594765 (RIGHT)

What is SocialTrade.Biz?
Social Trade is a social media exchange portal under the aegis of Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited. Social Trade is a digital marketing media exchange plan which runs for 1 year established by Mr. Anubhav Mittal.
On Social trade, you are required to click ads or like facebook pages to earn ePoints for 12 months and get your earnings directly in your bank account on daily, monthly or weekly basis.

Steps to join
1) Go to and click 'Free Sign Up'.

2) Enter your Name, Email Id, Contact Number, Sponser Id - 61594765 (enter this for booster, big power leg and best support).
Then Select position as 'Right' and then enter your password (Note: Password must have atleast 8 characters with 1 Alphabet, 1 Number and 1 special character).
Click on 'Sign Up' to complete the registration.

3) After Sign Up, Sign In with User Id you registered (Note: Check email and phone for the user id).

4) Click 'Manage Campaigns'.

5) Click 'ePoints' tab and enter the number of ePoints you need to purchase (Note: Number should be a multiple of 100).

6) Click 'Purchase' and enter all the details correctly.

7) After successful purchase of ePoints, you will need to update your ID Proof, PAN Card & Bank Details in your profile.

8) Congratulations! You are all done to earn money from the next day.
9) Click 'View Advertisements' to click ads.

10) Click on the 'Thumb' icon. A pop up will open and get closed after 30 seconds. Don't close it manually (Note: Don't block pop ups).

11) After 30 seconds, the popup will be closed and 'Pending' button will turn 'Clicked' and 1 ePoint will be earned.

Task Incomes:
1 ePoint gives you Rs.5 and is earned by clicking 1 ad. which means if you purchase 5000 ePoints you will get 125 ads to be clicked daily and you can make Rs. 625 daily for 12 months.
You can get Booster by inviting two members on your Left and Right. Booster will give you 50% extra ePoints of their total ePoints. Booster can only be activated within 20 days of your purchase and requires succesful purchase by users under you.

Got more queries? Contact us through Facebook, Email, Twitter for any help or visit the official website of Social Trade.

Note: The NCPC is not official or sponsered website of Social Trade. will not be responsible for any possible loss of money.


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